Reel Fly Fishers' Chrono Fly Fishing Reels

Chrono Fly Fishing Reel

Reel Fly Fishers' V-Access Fly Rod with Cordura Rod Tube

V-Access Fly Rod

Our Story

We are lifelong fishing enthusiasts who started out with spin-cast fishing and eventually made the switch to the crazy (fun) sport of fly fishing.

Just like spin-cast fishing, there’s a TON of equipment out there, but good, trustworthy fly tackle can become very expensive, very fast. Were you ever browsing around a fishing store when you’ve noticed a cool fly reel only to see the $500 price tag?

We actually talked to people who said they didn’t want to get into fly fishing because it’s too expensive.

Here at Reel Fly Fishers, we strive to provide good, trustworthy tackle at reasonable prices so everyone can enjoy fly fishing.

We test and use our products for all of our fly fishing  trips (all photos found on this website were taken by us during our trips).

Everyone should experience the thrill of a trout taking your dry fly, or the explosive power of a pike hitting your streamer. You won’t go back, trust us, we haven’t!